Fly Me To You

“Fly Me To You” dates are always a wonderful option if you want to plan a special trip where I would be exclusive to you. I’m open to many date ideas whether you’d like to plan a fun date night in your city or a vacation somewhere to have new experiences together! Email me what you have in mind and together we can curate the perfect date!

* Fly me to you trips start at my 6 hour visit plus all travel expenses.

Sponsored Tours

Sponsor my next tour to your city! You pick the date and time for me to see you and I will place tour dates around our visit. Just book my 4 hour visit or longer for me to tour your area! You would not be responsible for any other travel expenses. I personally love this option and think it’s a great way to visit someone regularly when they can’t visit me here in New Orleans! Please give me at least two weeks for this option to plan the tour.