Fly Me To You

“Fly Me To You” dates are my personal favorite! Nothing is more flattering than someone flying me out visit them exclusively! I’m open to many date ideas whether you’d like to keep things low-key in your city or have me on your arm during a fun filled vacation! Email me and let me know what you have in mind so we can plan the perfect experience for us both. I love to travel & yes, I am passport ready!

Send your FMTY inquiry to 

FMTYs are not for everyone which I completely understand. I have a few important requirements for FMTYs that can determine if this is the right fit for you.

  • FMTYs start at my 6 hour visit plus travel, meals, & hotel accommodations
  • A social activity outside of the room is required for longer engagements 
  • At least six hours of sleep is required on overnights 
  • At least two hours to myself each day for bookings 24 hours or longer

Sponsored Tours

Want me to tour your city? I could tour your city on the dates of your choosing if you sponsor my tour! Book four hours or longer with at least three weeks notice and I could schedule a tour in your area (depending on the location and my current schedule) with you as top priority during my tour. 

*hotel accommodation required for day of visit