A Taste For You

If you caught a glimpse of a toned, sexy blonde with a big smile and eye-popping curves out on the town, that was me. I spend my time traveling in the company of discerning, successful men who enjoy the finer things in life. You may have seen me in a dark lounge, a Michelin star restaurant, or at a pulsing nightclub in one of the world’s great cities. Isn’t it time I was on your arm instead?

If you like what you see, we’ll be a natural match. I’m a unique combination of Cajun heat and kawaii cute that turns heads and draws attention when we enter the room. But don’t worry: wherever we are, you’ll be the center of mine. I have a talent for putting people at ease, then raising the temperature when the time is right. I can turn from adorable to seductive on a dime, and you might mistake my playfulness for being a flirt. It’s just my nature.

I love experiencing life across the globe, but when I need to recharge I come home to my roots. When I’m not exploring exciting new destinations, you can catch me in New Orleans, and I’d love to see you. If you’re like me, you’re always willing to make time for variety and indulgence in your life.

Whether you want to meet in New York, Paris, London or the French Quarter, give me a call and let’s connect. We’re kindred spirits.




Home BaseTouring / FMTY
90 minutes
Getting to know each other
2 hours
Taking our time
4 hours
Drinks and dinner
6 hours
Drinks, dinner, & desert
12 hours overnight
Paint the town red (includes rest time and a social activity outside the room)
24 hours$7000$7200
Every additional hour$500$500
Outcall fee
(in addition to above rates)

* Please note home base rates apply to my home base in New Orleans only.

* Couples start at my two hour visit.

Email me for details if you’d like to plan an exclusive trip together. A “Fly Me to You” starts at my 6 hour visit (consideration depending on location) plus travel expenses. I am always open to longer engagements with the right person.

* Screening & deposit required.

Cancelation – Under 24hrs – 50% of booking.

My Stats

Main city:New Orleans

Spoil Me

Check out my wishlist to see what I’ve been dreaming of. If you’d like to gift me something special, just order something off my wishlist below.


*Tips & Gifts are appreciated but never expected. Please send gift cards to BelleNola@protonmail.com.

Thank you for spoiling me 💋

Fly Me To You

“Fly Me To Yous” are my absolute favorite type of booking and yes I AM passport ready! There is nothing more flattering than being swept away to your city for someone and curating an experience fit for both of our desires. Some date ideas for this could be dinner dates, concerts, theatre, touring the city, museum dates, winery dates or cocktail bars, etc.

Spoiling on trips like spa dates and shopping are not required but are a few things I love if you wanted to treat me to something on our trip!

FMTYs are not for everyone which I completely understand. I have a few important requirements for FMTYs that can determine if this is the right fit for you.

  • FMTYs start at my 6 hour visit plus travel, meals, & hotel accommodations.
  • Social activity outside of the bedroom is required for longer engagements unless you break the meetings up into multiple shorter dates (for an additional fee).
  • Some uninterrupted sleep is required on overnights.
  • A few hours to myself each day for bookings 24 hours or longer.

Sponsored Tours

Sponsored Tours start at my 4 hour touring rate. Visit by request only with at least 2 weeks advance notice.

There are no other costs other than one meal/drinks or social activity during that visit.

Book Belle

Please use my booking form to arrange a meeting, giving as much notice as possible to ensure a positive outcome.

Self verification (established LinkedIn, social work website, with a photo ID) is required if you don’t have a P411 with recent okays.

I do also respond to all respectful emails if you prefer.

    Your Details

    * Full Name:

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    Appointment Details

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    * Incall/Outcall

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    Screening Options
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    Companion References
    Minimum of 2 references from companions you have visited in the last 6 months. Name, website, email + phone number.

    * Companion reference 1:

    * Companion reference 2:

    Employment Verification

    * Position:

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    * Please provide a copy your photo ID (max file size 5mb):

    4. P411

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    Additional Information

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    *** Important ***

    I will be taking a break during the entire month of March and I’m happy to pre-book FMTYs/sponsored tours for my return in April.

    Please subscribe to my newsletter if you wish to be notified when I’m visiting your city. Fill out my booking form to pre-book as I don’t offer last minute bookings.

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